Dundry Nurseries and Garden Centre

Tel. 01452 713124

Established 1947
Open 9-5.30 Mon to Fri, 9-5 Sat and Sun

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Your local family run Garden Centre

Dundry Nurseries has come a long way since the first seed was sown by my Grandfather, Robert Palmer, in 1947.

I'm now the third generation of the family to run our traditional nursery and garden centre, and along with our friendly, experienced staff, we pride ourselves on our gardening knowledge. We are always happy to give a helping hand or answer your questions. At our site, between Cheltenham and Gloucester, we produce a varied range of home grown bedding and vegetable plants, and alongside this we offer all the essential ingredients for successful gardening.

We are also famous for our seed potato selection, which is second to none, and for our Annual Seed Potato Festival, where over 100 varieties are sold loose. We look forward to welcoming you soon to Dundry Nurseries.
Chris Evans

Jobs this month

  • Harvest Second Early potatoes
  • Lift and dry onions before storing on a string or in a sack
  • Continue to dead-head and feed baskets and patio pots weekly
  • Keep camellias and rhododendrons well watered as they are forming next years flower buds
  • Plant "Christmas harvesting" potatoes now for new potatoes from October onwards
  • Prune wisterias by taking off all soft growth to 20cm from main plant
  • Feed tomatoes and courgettes weekly with tomato fertiliser
  • Stake dahlias
  • Keep brassica plants netted to discourage cabbage white butterflies from laying eggs
  • Pinch out the tops of runner bean plants as they reach the top of their supports
  • Harvest beans, peas, carrots, salad leaves and courgettes
  • Limit squash plants to three fruits to ensure they grow fully and ripen
  • Cut back fruited canes of summer raspberries, leaving this years growth for next years fruit
  • Lawns are suffering in this weather but they will come back to life in the autumn rain

Dundry garden centre and nurseries
Garden Centre

Our shop is at the heart of our site. Here you will find friendly, knowledgeable staff and products to make your garden grow.

seed potatoes
Seed Potatoes

We boast a huge selection of Seed Potatoes, amongst the biggest in the country, and all varieties are available in any quantity you require.


With fresh flowers delivered daily our florist can hand create the perfect gift or tribute for any occasion.

Dove's Cafe

Our cafe is open Tuesday - Saturday, 9.30am - 4pm. Fresh homemade cakes, snacks and drinks make it the perfect place to relax and catch up with friends.

Dundry Nurseries and Garden Centre. We offer all of the essential ingredients for successful gardening, and boast a good range of home grown plants. The nursery produces a comprehensive range of seasonal bedding plants and throughout the year raises a terrific selection of vegetable plants. And over 100 varieties of seed potato sold loose, Taterbase